Corporate Consecration

It is our practice to begin the New Year with a week of corporate consecration through prayer and fasting to prepare ourselves spiritually for what the Lord has for us corporately and individually in the new year.  This week is always a special time of prayer and drawing near to God that many in our church have referenced as being of critical importance as they navigate each New Year.

This information has been prepared to help us to maximize the benefit of our five days of corporate consecration as individuals and as a church family. 


Consecration Overview

From 9:00 pm, Sunday, January 17 to 9:00 pm, Friday, January 22, on a church wide level, we embraced a time of consecration. During this period, we were intentional to fast from food and feast on the things of God. In addition to spending more time personally in God’s Word and in prayer, each evening we gathered corporately at the church building to sing, pray, read God’s Word, and to exhort and encourage each other in Christ.  

For specific information on what we did during the week, please click here.